Where to submit your work? A short list of websites, blogs, and newsletters I’ve found to be very useful.

I started submitting my work around 1998. This was a few years before literary journals started accepting e-mail submissions. Back then I would shell out around $40 annually for the massive Writer’s Market Guide at my local Barnes and Noble and then spend days combing through the entries hoping to find a nice fit for my short stories and essays.

Since then things have become incredibly easy compared to the old stamp and envelope dark ages (waiting for a Brontosaurus riding mail delivery person to bring you a rejection letter was so nerve-racking back then).

That said, submitting your work isn’t without its challenges. I’ve noticed on a lot of social media sites new writers will ask where and how to submit their work. Usually this results in a chorus of “Google it!” type posts that do nothing but frighten less experienced writers away. I don’t think any of these blogs, tools, or e-mail newsletters will necessarily be ground breaking suggestions to experienced writers, but for new writers they could prove to be invaluable. These are a few of the websites I have found to be extremely useful over the years when I’m in the process of submitting work to literary journals, literary agents, or publishing houses.

Query Tracker

A great site for finding literary agents. You can narrow your search by genre and keep a nice record of who you have sent query letters to. All of the agents listed on Query tracker have links to their literary agency’s websites and also tell you whether or not the agent is currently accepting query letters.


A lot of literary journals only accept submissions via Submitable now. It is a great way to keep track of your submissions, and accepted or rejected work. They also have a monthly list of publications that are looking for submissions.

Trish Hopkins: A Selfish Poet

Trish Hopkins not only lists literary journals that pay for poetry, but she also provides poets with some fantastic interviews and articles about writing and publishing poetry.

Authors Publish

Subscribing to Authors Publish is an easy way to receive links and info about literary journals and publishers that are looking for submissions. Several times a month they e-mail a short article with all the info you need about the literary journal and or publishing house that are accepting submissions. They also publish free e-books on how to publish your work several times a year for their subscribers.

Published to Death

In my opinion it is the best all and one blog for writers. This has agents, publishers, writing contests, writing conferences and much more. Erica Verrillo is constantly posting new articles and agents that are accepting query letters to her wonderful blog. Subscribing to her blog is a fantastic way to learn how and where to submit your work.

Go Forth and Publish!

Starting out in submission la la land can be a daunting task for new writers. These are a few tools that can help make it a little easier and speed up the learning curve a bit.